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Elitenace is the State-of-the-Art Cryptotrading Technology Provider.

We create and develop:

  • Technologies of secure traders authentification and trading data storing.

  • Trading historical knowledgebase by real-time aggregation, verification, and filtering of trading data from all major and dozens of small crypto exchanges, coins, and fiat.

  • Scalable research platform for trading models, algorithms, and strategies backtesting, optimization, training and re-training.

  • Statistical parametric trading models, algorithms, and strategies optimized for crypto coins trading and transferring marketplace. The optimization process includes a retraining of hundreds of known fintech parametric models and a creation of completely new crypto trading algorithms for momentum, mean reversion, inter-exchange arbitrage, crypto-HFT, and insured transactions.

  • Dynamic rebalancing of budgets between competing and collaborating trading strategies.

  • Real-time automatic AI-powered backtesting.

  • Trading analytics.

Eliteance is the ultimate crypto trading machine.

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