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About Us


    Eliteance is a team of experts who have deep experience in trading systems for volatile and inefficient global markets.  We built the world’s first automatic cryptocurrency trading platform that executes innovative algo-trading strategies across all crypto exchanges and coins.  We offer this platform as a service or technology license to our customers and partners.

  • Problems We Solve.

    The exponential growth of crypto trading has created a worldwide 24/7 market with extreme volatility.  Manual trading is no longer feasible without exposure to significant risks to the investor.  Institutional investors cannot use legacy platforms developed and optimized for Forex, Stock, and Future Exchanges to address the complexities and volatility of crypto trading due to critical operational and regulatory differences between the crypto market and traditional markets.  There is now an urgent need for next generation automatic trading platforms that enable a wide range of crypto trading operations in real-time, securely, and at scale.